Slugs in love

I’ve been in Germany for a month, exploring and having adventures.  This holiday was fantastic as family and friends took me to the out-of-the-way places only locals know, introduced me to inspiring people and really made it a unique and unforgettable holiday.  I came back with over 100G of images and am working my way SOOOOO slowly through them, deleting and keywording.  Not finished yet, but at least on the downhill run now.  The memories are revived by the images, and the feelings, laughter, awe and delight come back as I look at them.

One of the things that I have taken away from this journey has been not from the beauty and difference I have seen but from the people I met.  People living fascinating lives and living their lives not limited by the normal expectations of the world around them.  Working, researching, contributing well past ‘retirement’ age; working in environmental conservation and protection even though it is slow; people creating beauty for others; living their lives enjoying the world around them and happy to share it with others.  These people taught me that I also do not need to follow the conventions, that dreams and ideas have no ‘shelf life’.  Individual unique-ness rules – I loved it!

Challenge accepted!

These inspiring people have, without knowing it, challenged me to keep dreaming, keep pushing my own ‘socially-inculcated-not-necessarily-real’ limits.  I know that I can continue to live a full and dynamic life – I have seen it.  I saw that age, living place, lack of wealth or expectations of others are not barriers to creating change in the world.  Making a difference locally  and internationally is possible if the mind-set is right.  That achievement does not depend on wealth or power, it depends on interest, drive and persistence.

Individual and society

A wonderful journey, with new vistas, new knowledge and new inspirations.