I am in Australia visiting family and friends, and it is summer. In China it is winter, with my favourite seasonal happening – SNOW!  So many people brought up in places where snow is common place, and in fact more of a pain than a joy, laugh at me for my delight in this magic stuff.  For them it is so ordinary and sometimes frustrating, and dangerous.  For me, it is magic.

This delight in the ‘ordinary’ is important.  The ‘ordinary’ of a lovely sunset after days of rain; the messy smile of a baby learning to eat solids; a breeze through the trees in the back yard, a crisp sweet apple; a friend’s smile; a comfortable bed after a long day; a cool drink on a hot day.  These things create our lives and missing the joy in them because we are looking for greater joys – a large financial win, a fantastic job, overwhelming romance – means that we lose the joy that appreciating the ordinary can bring us.

For now I am planning a series of ‘the ordinary’ to see if I can capture the happiness, satisfaction and joy in these small events of life.  There is no difficulty in finding these small things to photograph, but I think the difficulty will be in making the image reflect the happiness it creates.