If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of these people. Thich Nhat Hanh.


Christmas time in the west and Spring Festival time in China are about families. I’m back in Australia for a few weeks, seeing family and friends and thinking of the impacts we have on each other.  I have taken a few zillion photos of the youngest family member, as well as photos of all of my family and friends. These photos may never make it to publication, may not be the best technically, but they are the ones that are my wallpaper on my computer.  These are the ones that I chat to each morning when I turn the computer on.

Being far away makes closeness important, and these photographs have a powerful emotional strength for me.  I feel close when I look at them, when I remember taking them.

I want my emotional connections to be seen in my images.  With images of family and friends I have the emotion already within me, and so it is so easy for me to see the emotion in the images.  With my other images I am never sure if I am projecting back the emotion I felt when I was seeing the vision or whether the emotional connection is clear to anyone seeing the image.   For that I need to rely on feedback.

Photos about emotion – some a private love, others to share my view of what I feel a connection with in the world.  Some successful, some needing more help.  But all meaning something to me, if not to anyone else.