I love close up and macro photography.  The ability to see the small made large is wonderful.  With this form of photography we can see the intricacies of life and the beauty in all life forms – even insects that would otherwise revolt us.   With beautiful plants we can see their connections to us, physically or with a little interpretation, emotionally.

For me this plant is cradling the flower to be.  An Australian native, with intense hues and lovely dramatic shapes, this plant seems to me to be surrounding the burgeoning flower with support. The colours of the supports attract bees and butterflies, helping the flower to start its role in life.

We, too, probably have similar supports in our lives.  Sometimes we want these supports, they are necessary for our physical well-being and growth.  As we grow older we want to reject some of the support, particularly if it is parental, and replace it with other forms of support – friends and lovers.  Later still we may move through a period where we see ourselves as strong and capable of living our lives without support – and certainly without the constraining forms we may have had before.

Our strength grows as we depend on ourselves, as we realise we are responsible for our decisions and must accept the consequences of them, good or bad.  But there are many times when having support waiting in the wings is very important for us.  Just knowing that there will be someone there to talk to, to help bring us to the place we need to be next in our lives enables us to remain strong.

I feel I have so much luck and joy in my life, because I have love and caring from family and  deep and abiding friendships.  These provide me with support and reassurance that whatever directions I need to grow in, that I will always have someone there.  I am supported in my search for the things deep inside me, for the parts of my life that are yet to develop.

My family and friends are not only the macro lens but also the wide-angles in my life.  They show me the importance of small things and the challenge of the wider view.  They don’t let me drown in the tiny details, but pull me back to see the whole.

There is beauty in support.