This image was taken from a boat as we travelled up river to visit a nature park.  The ripples with their miniature eddies cried out to be photographed.  The differences in light, texture and lines drawing the eye back to where we had been caught my thoughts as well as my camera.

Ripples in our lives are usually interpreted as problems and effects of things on ourselves and others.  We plan on an even, calm life and see that as good and comfortable.

For photographers, even and calm can only give so much interest in images. They have their place, but to create amazing images we need tension between focal points, changes to record,  drama to be captured.  A crashing sea, stormy clouds or wind-tossed trees make for more exciting images.  Photo-journalists live for the dramatic, the changing situations.  These are the images that inspire people to become environmentalists, protest against wars, poverty, injustice and all of the other difficult situations.

In our own lives we too need the ripples of change to create growth and development.  Without these waves and ripples coming at us, we have no reason to change our attitudes or situations.  The waves of life come at us and we need to ride them or crash through them.  Each change we make as we move forward creates ripples behind us, showing us where we have come from.  No matter how quietly we try to move, either in the air or on water, we create riplles.  No matter how small we think our changes are, we will create ripples.

Any movement,  physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, will create ripples that impact on ourselves and others around us.  To a greater or lesser extent it will create tension  and drama – things to be looked for if we are recording our lives and the world around us.

To not make an impact means being static.  It means no growth, no development, no change.  A calm pond, unbroken by the ripples of fish, frogs or water insects is a dead pond.

Embrace the waves and look back with pleasure at the ripples left behind from our growth.