When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands.
Mohandas Gandhi

I’m back in Australia for a couple of months, visiting family and friends.  It is wonderful to see them again, to join in activities, to greet the newest addition to our family, and to see the changes that have occurred n the last few years.

The joy of blue skies – intense blue, clear blue, real blue!!  Mists and sunrises, clouds and sunsets. It is hard to explain the joy of seeing these again, after years of living with pollution and the most washed out of blue skies.

The light that bathes this country is intense.  Its quality is hard to describe, and the changes I need to make in my photography to adjust to this intensity are interesting.  Mid-day light is so strong and clear that it blows out many of my images.  Evening light or early morning last such a short time, by the time I race inside to fetch my camera, the light has changed.

This is so much like changing patterns of living.  The changes are breathtaking.  The new light cast on our previous pattern can be so strong we cringe away from it.  The changes we see in ourselves can be so fleeting that we are not sure if they are real or reflections of what we are hoping for.

As with everything else though, we soon adjust to a new life, and learn to manage the new light.  We soon know when is the best time to take our photographs.  We soon learn that the changes we see are not fleeting, but real and that we can see them again in the soft light of meditation or inner growth.

New light and new life – a joy and a learning experience.