“Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing; light is everything.”  Leonard Misonne

Photographers have a close relationship with light.   It excites and frustrates us.  We look for lovely light, wake early to find the best light, wait patiently until the light is just right for the shot, look for ‘magic hour’.  We write with light.

But – our relationship with light is always in the context of what light DOES to other things.  What it does to the landscape, figures, buildings etc.

Light has power – power create growth, power to desiccate; power to guide, power to blind.  We look at the power of light, want to harness it, control it, see it as a tool, or an effect.  But we never look beyond the power, or the need to control.  We love light for its transforming power, but rarely think about it as a separate entity.

Light is.  Light exists by itself.

In our lives we look for enLIGHTenment – light’s effect on our understanding; we hope light will show us a path through the darkness; brighten the tunnels we must traverse in search of new life.  But we are seeing light, again, only in relation to dark, only in its effect.  Not as something we need to be aware of as independent.

If we look for the light itself, not as a tool, not as an effect, what then? In our physical world, seeing the light (the sun, the moon) as an independent entity creates a new awareness.  We see more of the impact on the world, but we can take it further and go back to the source.

Becoming aware of the light within us allows us to see that it is more ‘there’ than the darkness.  That, in fact, we have within us more light than we believe, and this is important.  We need to know that light outweighs the clouds and the darkness we see in our spirit.  We need to trust that no matter how dark our ‘self’ seems, or how dark we see our days, our light is strong.  It does not just exist in relation to dark, it does not come into being just to change the dark or highlight the hidden, show the way.  It exists as it is.

Knowing that my light within is a source, independent and constant, gives me strength.

We need to celebrate the light for existing, and be grateful for its usefulness and effects.