When this plate of food was presented to me, I thought the black strips were nori, or seaweed.  But, the taste was very different and I had to ask.  Walnut flowers, I was told.  The hills behind the restaurant grow wild walnuts and the flowers are used for food. The walnuts are used as walnuts, and the shells are carved into intricate shapes and made into vases and bowls.  Everything can be used.

I would not have considered eating walnut flowers before.  The possibility never occurred to me.  How do we know what is possible, how do we find the possible?

I seem to spend so much time looking for the impossible.  I look for perfection in myself, for achievement in all areas, to please others, to … the list is endless.

But how often do I stop to see what I already have that is possible, that I can achieve, but have never thought about?  These things are already there – just waiting for us to see them, to realise they can be used, or can be part of our achievement or growth.

How do we see them?  How did the first person to eat walnut flowers ‘see’ them?   We need to look carefully around us, or inside ourselves to see what is already there, waiting to be used.  What experiences and knowledge do we have that can be used to add to our growth?  What skills and talents have we neglected because for some reason we – or others – thought they weren’t useful?

When we test these possibilities, we may find some do not work, but others will work and they will encourage and inspire us to keep testing these new possibilities.

Walnut flowers taste good.