Langmusi mountains

No matter how sophisticated you may be, a large granite mountain cannot be denied – it speaks in silence to the very core of your being” Ansel Adams. 

Langmusi is my favourite place in China.  A village surrounded by mountains and high grasslands.  The beauty is indescribable, and I return annually to nourish my soul, fill my eyes and heart with the beauty and spend time with my Tibetan mates.

Thinking so much about transience and change lately naturally took me in the opposite direction – thinking about permanence.  When I look at mountains, grasslands, wide plains and oceans I feel a deep comfort at what seems to be their permanence and taking it further, their endurance.  In a changing world, what looks permanent, looks safe.  The permanent seems to offer us a refuge from the restlessness around us and the constant need for us to be reacting, thinking, analysing and managing.

The mountains and oceans, these vast places do speak to the core of my being.  I can be with them in silence for many hours, letting the majesty and strength of them fill me with strength and courage.  Letting the vastness of them extend my soul a little wider and deeper.

I look at mountains and oceans and see endurance.  The mountain vegetation, nothing like the lush growth in the valleys, speak to me of endurance and strength.

But is this permanence an illusion?  Oceans are forever moving and changing, mountains rise and fall depending on seismic shifts and erosion.  The mountain vegetation or the ocean kelp beds die and renew.  Is there anything that we can call ‘permanent”?

For me their permanence lies in knowing that no matter what we as humans do, these mountains and oceans will be there for many eons after we disappear, as they were for many eons before we arrived.  The exteriors may change, but the core remains.

Having an enduring, eternal core for ourselves is necessary.  It is the basis of all else we do.  Knowing this core, strengthening it, deepening and broadening it, allows us to maintain our individuality in the face of the restless, impermanent world around us.